Insomnniac promises fix after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 flag mix-up

Posted on October 24, 2023

Isomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has released to pretty much universal acclaim on PS5 recently, but that doesn’t mean it came out error-free. Eagle-eyed players have spotted the flag of Cuba on the wall of Miles Morales’ home, a hero who is pointedly half-Puerto Rican, not Cuban. Insomniac has taken note of the mix-up and promised to replace it with the appropriate flag ASAP.

The error with the flags was noticed by many players and taken note of on Reddit. Although the Cuban and Puerto Rican flags do look somewhat similar in design, their colours are flipped, with the Puerto Rican flag having a blue triangle and red stripes rather than the other way around. Weirdly, one of Miles’ unlockable costumes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 uses the correct Puerto Rican flag design; the flag in Miles’ home apparently just slipped through the cracks.

Fortunately, after this was brought to the developers’ attention, it has committed to replacing it with the correct flag in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. “Fix is coming for that“, stated Insomniac Community Director James Stevenson on social media.

While there isn’t a timeframe for when this patch will be coming, it’s good to know that this issue is on Insomniac’s radar. Miles Morales is a particularly high-profile Puerto Rican representative in superhero media, and getting things like flags right is important. Hopefully it won’t be long before Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 get the fix to place the correct flag in Miles’ home.