Mario’s new voice actor officially confirmed

Posted on October 15, 2023

Following Charles Martinet’s recent retirement from voicing Nintendo’s iconic red plumber after over 25 years, it was unclear who would be taking up the mantle. It has finally been revealed that Kevin Afghani will be voicing Mario and Luigi in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and perhaps beyond.

Since Martinet’s stepping down from the role, Nintendo had been very secretive about who would be taking over. With Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s release coming soon, Nintendo and Afghani decided to spill the beans and officially confirm who would be voicing the main characters going forward. “Incredibly proud to have voiced Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder“, Afghani wrote on social media. “Thanks to Nintendo for inviting me into the Flower Kingdom!

It is unclear if Afghani will be taking over full-time duties regarding voicing Mario and most of his supporting cast, or if this is a one-time casting for just this game; after all, Martinet voiced Mario in pretty much every video game with Mario in them, including spin-offs, ever since Super Mario 64. Despite no longer voicing the part, Martinet is sticking around as an official “Mario Ambassador”, whatever that means. Whether or not Kevin Afghani is sticking around long-term in the role, this recent promo video for the upcoming game definitely shows that he can do a good Martinet-esque performance which fans will likely enjoy.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and Kevin Afghani’s debut performance as the titular character, will be coming out on the 20th of October 2023 on Nintendo Switch.