Mastercard teams up with Lachlan Power and Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten at PAX Aus 2023

Posted on October 3, 2023

Mastercard and PWR have teamed up with Australian gaming icons Lachlan Power and Kathleen ‘Loserfruit’ Belsten, who have a combined following of 36 million fans, to mentor 250 aspiring content creators from around the world. This program will aid these lucky content creators by sharing tips and tricks to help establish their communities and advance their brands.

These masterclass experiences cover many important areas for any aspiring content creator. These include expanding your content to a global audience, crafting an effective content piece and nurturing and engaging your fan base. The masterclass experiences will be available exclusively to Mastercard cardholders via

I think it’s super important for anyone who’s looking to get into the industry to do their research and learn from their favourite creators to understand what it takes and what you need to start, or build, your career,” said Lachlan Power, founder of PWR.With the global expansion and rise of gaming, it’s never been easier to get into content creation or streaming, and I can’t wait to connect with everyone and share my journey and tips in the masterclasses.

When I first started out, for me it was about building confidence, and getting comfortable being on camera in front of a new community,” added Belsten. “I love being able to connect with aspiring creators or streamers, and sharing my experiences because I’ve been there and know what it feels like when you’re starting out. There are always things you can learn or implement from your peers or other people, so I’m super excited to be involved in these priceless experiences.

There will be two components to the masterclass program. Firstly, Power and Belsten will host 10 winners and their friends at PWR’s Pop Up hosted at PAX Aus this weekend. These lucky winners will have the opportunity to meet the pair and get some direct coaching. Secondly, there is the global livestream on This is open to 250 budding creators from around the world, wherein Power and Belsten will share their exclusive tips and tricks for the next generation of streamers and content creators to improve their craft and grow their audiences.

Gaming has evolved into a global phenomenon that rivals traditional sports,” said Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Mastercard. “At Mastercard, we’re focused on bringing people closer to their passions – and each other. As part of our longstanding support for gaming, we’re tapping the right partnerships to bring new and exciting Priceless Experiences to gamers around the world.

To register for these Priceless Experiences, visit or click here.