Sony announces a new and slimmer PlayStation 5

Posted on October 11, 2023

The rumour is true: Sony just announced a redesigned, slimmer, and smaller look for its popular PlayStation 5 console. The new model comes with 1TB storage and a detachable disc drive. Most importantly, it is still called the PS5.

The new PlayStation 5 from Sony

According to Sony, the new model of PS5 has had its volume reduced by more than 30%, and its weight by 18% and 24% compared to the digital-only and standard PS5 models respectively. Similar to the old model, the new PS5 comes with both digital and disc offerings. However, owners of the new digital edition will have the option to purchase and attach an Ultra Blu-ray Disc Drive for $79.99 USD.

Sony's new PS5 with disc-drive attachment

The new PS5 with disc drive is priced the same as the current version on the market, at $499 USD, while the new digital edition is seeing a $50 USD increase, now priced at $449 USD. The new model will be launching this November in the US market, with other territories rolling out in the following months. This new, smaller, and slimmer model will become the only PS5 model available to purchase once the current inventory has sold out.

PS5 console cover colours will also be available for the new model, featuring its current collection of all-matte black, volcanic red, cobalt blue, and sterling sliver, with more colour options to be released in the future.

Would you be tempted by a more petite PlayStation 5?