A Destiny 2 and The Witcher crossover is happening

Posted on November 30, 2023

Today marks the launch of Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish, featuring an unexpected crossover with CD Projekt Red’s iconic series, The Witcher.

Bungie and CD Projekt Red joined forces to infuse the futuristic world of Destiny 2 with the medieval magic of The Witcher, including three distinct sets of armour ornaments tailored for each Guardian class, new accessories, and more.

Each of the three new armor sets draws inspiration from Geralt’s iconic attire in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Joel Moran, art outsourcing specialist with Destiny 2, emphasised the goal of empowering players to feel like true witchers in Destiny 2

For Hunters, the new White Wolf set captures the essence of Geralt’s Legendary Wolven armor, complete with the Hunter’s trademark hood and crossed straps. Warlocks, akin to Geralt’s mastery of elixirs and magical signs, will explore Destiny’s worlds in the new Hexer set. The materials and colors were carefully chosen to bring The Witcher’s medieval side to life while maintaining the iconic shapes within Destiny’s aesthetic. Titans, known for their straightforward approach, have a new Kaer Morhen armor set modeled after the Viper School armor.

Przemysław Juszczyk, CDPR’s head of franchise art, highlighted the challenge of blending The Witcher’s medieval aesthetics with Destiny’s futuristic setting. “Witchers are known for their proficiency in hunting and killing monsters. Every armour has to scream that it’s ready to deal with that type of encounter. I believe the spirit of The Witcher is present in every item introduced in our collaboration.”

Beyond the armour sets, Destiny 2 introduces three new accessories inspired by The Witcher, including a new ship, the Wolven Storm, the Wolven Shell Ghost shell, and the Roach-VGH Sparrow. Amanda Golla, Bungie VFX Artist, worked on the Sparrow’s Igni effect, paying meticulous attention to details to ensure an authentic Witcher experience.

Destiny 2 character sitting in bath like Geralt from The Witcher

From the details of steel and silver swords to capturing the motion of emotes, the Bungie team has gone above and beyond to seamlessly integrate The Witcher’s look and feel into Destiny 2. Art Lead, Josh Deeb, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “CDPR were excellent creative partners to collaborate with. They came to the table ready with ideas that started with Destiny 2 at their core and built authentically onto that framework with iconic Witcher visuals.”

Considering the disappointment of the last Destiny 2 expansion, you can imagine Bungie is doing everything it can to win fans over until the final expansion coming in 2024. Crossover with The Witcher is definitely a fun way to go about it.

You can explore and acquire these items starting today in the Eververse Store, coinciding with the launch of Season of the Wish on all platforms.