Dragon’s Dogma 2 shows off new gameplay and release date

Posted on November 30, 2023

Capcom recently treated fans to an exciting showcase for Dragon’s Dogma 2, offering a sneak peek into the highly anticipated sequel.

The livestream, which aired on 29 November 2023, unveiled approximately 15 minutes of thrilling gameplay, an intriguing trailer, and key details. The release date of 22 March 2024 was confirmed, aligning with a Steam leak that had initially suggested 21 March.

The showcase introduced a captivating new class called the Trickster, showing off new gameplay mechanics that involve conjuring constructs from incense smoke to manipulate enemies. Beyond gameplay, Dragon’s Dogma 2 hinted at a storyline rich in geopolitical intrigue, promising an engaging narrative.

The narrative unfolds in the mysterious realms between humanity and beastren, where a hero, driven by forgotten destiny, must confront the enigmatic Dragon. Capcom promises an immersive single-player experience where players craft their destiny, from the appearance of their Arisen to strategic choices in vocations and party composition. The game’s character creation, party system, and world are showcased, promising the sequel fans have been waiting a long time for.

Enhanced by cutting-edge RE Engine technology, Dragon’s Dogma 2 introduces a deep and detailed fantasy world, blending physics and AI with a refreshed visual look. Wielding swords, bows, and magick, players face creative challenges in a world brimming with diverse vocations and engaging companions known as Pawns.

Ken Mendoza, Promotion Producer at Capcom, has shared a full update and more in-depth information about the upcoming adventure RPG on the PlayStation.Blog website. He tells us more about the world building, new monsters including the giant Talos, and create a character screenshots (the most important part).

Pre-orders are now available for both the Standard and Deluxe Editions, each offering exclusive bonuses to amplify the adventure. In the meantime, we can return to the original game or check out the animated series from a few years ago to fill in the void.