Popular horror JRPG OMORI is getting a manga adaptation

Posted on November 27, 2023

The award-winning Japanese horror RPG, OMORI, has announced its manga adaptation on Twitter. The series will be featured in Kodansha’s seinen magazine, Monthly Afternoon, illustrated by Nui Konoito.

The game was initially released in December 2020 on PC through Steam and was later made available on PlayStation 4, Xbox platforms, and Nintendo Switch. The game has quickly become a fan favourite and took home two Honorable Mentions at the 2021 Independent Games Festival and reached a sales record of over 1 million copies on Steam for PC.

OMORI narrates the tale of Sunny, a teenage boy, and his dream alter ego, OMORI, as they explore the strange and new world with Sunny’s lovely friends to uncover a forgotten past. This game has quickly won gamers over with its smooth and powerful storytelling and has become one of the most popular pixel games in 2020.

Whilst we don’t know much about the manga adaptation yet, it’s great to see the extra love being given to this franchise and fans being rewarded with new content.