Gothic II Complete Classic with ‘Night of the Raven’ expansion hits Nintendo Switch

Posted on December 3, 2023

Following the introduction of Gothic 1 to the platform two months prior, Gothic II releases on the Nintendo Switch and aims to offer an enhanced and immersive role-playing experience, addressing concerns from the initial port of the first installment.

Continuing the saga of the Nameless Hero, the sequel invites both dedicated fans and newcomers to explore a world filled with magic, adventure, and intricate choices. The inclusion of the Night of the Raven expansion introduces additional challenges and narrative layers, presenting players with a comprehensive package of Gothic’s storytelling and gameplay.

The storyline unfolds as you navigate the aftermath of dismantling the magical barrier, leading to the release of prisoners in the Mine Valley. The once-incarcerated criminals create havoc around the capital of Khorinis, leaving the town militia powerless. You are tasked with making moral decisions and selecting their paths wisely as they explore a world enriched with dialogues, alternative solution paths, and a compelling soundtrack.

Unlike the earlier port of Gothic 1, the Nintendo Switch version of Gothic II has garnered positive feedback for presenting the game at its best. Even after more than 20 years since its initial release, the game continues to captivate with its exceptional quest structure and world architecture. However, some Gothic II veterans have noted a potential plot-stopping bug, and THQ Nordic has confirmed that a fix is in progress.

Concerning Gothic 1 Classic on Nintendo Switch, developers have diligently addressed issues with the release of the 1.0.2 update. Another update is expected before end of 2024, aiming to further refine the gaming experience for fans of the initial installment.

Gothic II Complete Classic, along with the Night of the Raven expansion, is now available on the Nintendo Store for $29.99.