Holstin brings the horror from different perspectives

Posted on December 7, 2023

When your friend is trapped in a creepy town, what will you do to save them? Holstin asks this question as you visit a town where something has gone wrong. You don’t understand why your friend is here and the townspeople are losing their sanity quickly. Unfortunately, something sinister has infected the town and it’s fighting back against potential threats. Pick up a gun and button-mash out of grips to stay alive before you solve the mystery.

Holstin is a third-person survival horror experience that has you searching around town for clues and items. Whenever you engage in combat, the view shifts to a first-person perspective where you can aim and fire. It’s a nice touch because it feels weird aiming from the top down and trying to hit enemy limbs. Shifting views during combat makes it easier to aim and strategise. If you get caught in an enemy’s grip, you can input a directional sequence to get out. Giving you combat options is great because it gives you a chance to flee without fighting. It’s great to shoot enemies and take them down, but violence isn’t always the answer.

While Holstin’s release date is yet to be revealed, the game can be wishlisted on Steam and has a playable demo for you to try.