Avowed deep dive shows off combat, choices and release window

Posted on January 19, 2024

Today’s Xbox Developer Direct kicked off with one of our most anticipated games, Avowed, the upcoming RPG from the talented folk at Obsidian.

Along with the gameplay footage, we also found out the game will be releasing in Fall (that’s August-November for us Aussies).

The deep dive gameplay went into detail on Avowed’s combat, particularly when it comes to switching load-outs and tactics to deal with certain enemy types. Additionally, some of the more narrative-led gameplay was shown; in one example, you can choose to believe the story of somebody who fled from a campsite when attacked, or claim that they’re a coward, with varying consequences that will apparently cause a ripple effect on the in-game world.

The various biomes look gorgeous, with volcanos, wastelands, forests and interesting towns to explore. Overall. Avowed is looking excellent, and this short taste just makes us even more excited about the possibilities to come.

Avowed is scheduled to release for Xbox and PC via Xbox Game Pass later this year.