Dungeons & Dragons VR in the works from Demeo devs

Posted on January 25, 2024

An official Dungeons & Dragons VR game is coming from the developers of the popular VR tabletop series Demeo.

Resolution Games is working with Wizards of the Coast on the game; while there is no release window yet or even any screenshots to check out, the potential is thrilling, to say the least.

Dungeons & Dragons VR coming from Demeo developers

“As anyone who’s played Demeo can guess, we’re incredibly huge fans of tabletop roleplaying games,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and founder of Resolution Games in a prepared statement. “They have an unparalleled power to bring people together to create shared experiences, and that’s something we’ve tried to capture, too, with nearly every release in our library. Dungeons & Dragons offers one of the richest fantasy worlds that has ever been created, and it only gets bigger with every new sourcebook and adventure. We’re beyond humbled to have the opportunity to work with such an incredible IP and look forward to sharing the first details of this new project in the future.”

Demeo was heavily inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, as was its PVP sequel/spin-off, Demeo Battles. We have praised each iteration of Demeo, saying “When gathered around a virtual table with friends, exploring dungeons, collecting loot and your fate linked to the lucky roll of the dice, the moments of huge success or torturous defeat are heightened by the physical and verbal reactions of the party surrounding you.

With these passionate developers at the helm, it’s fair to say that Dungeons & Dragons VR is in incredibly safe hands.