Elden Ring backend Steam update has fans hoping for DLC arrival

Posted on January 16, 2024

In March of last year, FromSoftware announced a DLC expansion in the works for the very successful Elden Ring. It is titled Shadow of the Erdtree. Save the concept art we received with the announcement at the time, we’ve received no word on its release. Colour fans intrigued and ravenous then when a change was made to the backend of the game on Steam by FromSoftware.

Noted by Twitter/X user (and Elden Ring YouTuber) Ziostorm, the change has been made on the game’s SteamDB page under the DLC section, the first of its kind since launch. You can see view the post from Ziostorm below.

This news and update supports the recent leaked collaboration between Bandai Namco, the publishers of Elden Ring and accessory creator Thrustmaster, also suggesting a February release date for the Shadows of Erdtree DLC.

Now, there’s a big grain of salt to be issued here. FromSoftware are an unpredictable company. The very same who announced and released Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon in a small time frame.

Regardless, the Elden Ring and FromSoftware fanbase is ravenous and jumping on the hype train, eager for an inkling of news regarding the anticipated DLC. Whether this content update remains to be something more minor or the big one, time will tell.