Titan Forge Games unexpectedly announces Smite 2

Posted on January 13, 2024

Smite has been a continuing success for Titan Forge Games since its release in 2014. As a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), it was not expected to get a sequel, but Titan Forge Games has surprised everyone at the World Smite Championships by revealing a trailer for Smite 2, featuring some favourites from the deity roster like Anubis and Loki. A Closed Beta is planned sometime this year.


Because Smite 2 is being built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5, it seems skins and gems will not translate directly through to the sequel. Instead, a “Legacy gem system” will grant players a Legacy Gem for each gem spent in the original game. These legacy gems can be spent for up to 50% of the cost for new skins in Smite 2, which means that transferring players will still be half out of pocket.

Smite 2 will seemingly launch with a starting roster of 25 returning deities, but will eventually feature every deity from the first game. One brand new deity has already been revealed: Hecate, a Greek goddess associated with magic and sorcery. There is no release date for Smite 2 yet, and in the meantime, the original game will remain supported.