An Invincible Ubisoft game has launched today

Posted on February 20, 2024

Invincible, the popular graphic novel turned television series has had a surprise adaptation this morning. None other than Ubisoft have launched a mobile game for the IP, titled Invincible: Guarding the Globe. Available for both iOS and Android devices and via the Amazon Store, the title is a free-to-play idle RPG that tasks players with building up a superhero arsenal to take on invading threats in the Flaxans, Reanimen, and Magmanites.

The trailer description reads: “Join the Global Defense Agency (GDA), a secretive organization guarding the world from threat, be it human, alien, or otherwise. As a fresh-faced recruit, you’ll work under the guidance of Cecil Stedman, the GDA’s unwavering director, helping to put out the dumpster fire that the planet has recently become. But don’t forget, Cecil might be the one calling the shots, but it’s you with the fate of the entire world in your hands. And we mean that literally – it’s a mobile game.

You’ll recruit and collect the best and worst characters from the world of Invincible: heroes, villains, and those in-between, each with their own particular skills and stats. Level them up, upgrade their gear, and customize your squad’s formation and battle strategy to suit your needs. This is an idle squad RPG: you choose and equip your team, set up your strategy, and deploy them into fast-paced idle battles.

Watch them destroy the enemy (or get beaten to a bloody pulp, don’t get over-confident already), or leave the game running and come back to scoop up your rewards later. And for the multi-taskers out there, there’s a unique multi-battle system: your squad can fight loads of battles simultaneously, with no limit to the rewards you can accumulate. Check their progress at a glance and, if you’re the micro-managing type, jump in to intervene whenever you want. Finally, Invincible: Guarding the Globe introduces a brand-new storyline which – without giving too much away, because where’s the fun in that? – involves cloning tech, criminal masterminds, and… burger meat?”

Invicible: Guarding the Globe is available now. This is far from Ubisoft’s first rodeo with licensed IP, releasing Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora back in December.