Doctor Who showrunner shuts down Fortnite collaboration rumours

Posted on February 13, 2024

Epic Games’ Fortnite has collaborated with almost every IP under the sun at this point. However, one that it seems won’t come into fruition is a crossover with the international sci-fi hit series Doctor Who. As noted and reported by Eurogamer, showrunner Russell T. Davies has replied to a comment on Instagram on the Fortnite x Doctor Who speculation, stating: “There isn’t one! It’s a myth I’m afraid.” 

Most intriguing is that this actively goes against reports and the rumour mill that have been ongoing between the two properties since May last year. A Fortnite event coinciding with Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary was apparently set to premiere last year and though that special for the sci-fi series aired, it never came to fruition in the game.

Then it was said to have been moved to coincide with the new season, including skins for the fourteenth and fifteeenth doctor (David Tennant’s 2nd iteration and Ncuti Gatwa). A TARDIS glider, sonic screwdriver and Dalek Manipulator Arm were also claimed to be on offer. Where the rumours get wild is that there was a data mine report that revealed a free Beep the Meep spray depicting the Doctor Who creature long before they were unveiled for the show.

With all the moving and shuffling about, it was believed that this Doctor Who x Fortnite content would drop this May, in accordance with the new season. However, despite tangible and credible information on this update, Davies’ dismissal of these rumours has thrown a spanner into the works.

It’s unclear yet if this means the Doctor Who and Fortnite content was scrapped, is happening but under tight wraps or that it well and truly just doesn’t exist. Time certainly will tell. For now, your best game and Doctor Who crossover to sink some time into is the Magic the Gathering decks.