Legendary Pokémon will appear in Pokémon Sleep in a limited-time research event

Posted on February 28, 2024

Three new and very special Pokémon will be added to Pokémon Sleep. After 7 months since the game’s first launch, legendaries will be making their way to this Pokémon-themed sleep tracker in a limited-time research event.

The Pokémon Company announced during its recent Pokémon Presents livestream that Johto’s Legendary Beast Trio will be featured in the game, with Raikou being the first. Meanwhile, Suicune and Entei will be released at a later date. The legendary beasts will be the first group of legendary Pokémon to ever be added to the game, which is a shame because Darkrai and Cresselia (aka the Lunar Duo) are legendary Pokémon, known for their abilities involving dreams and nightmares.

More information about this event was added to Pokémon Sleep‘s news page. The “Raikou Research” will be a limited-time event that will take place during March 2024, where trainers can exchange samples of Raikou mane for a chance to obtain Raikou incense. It also suggested having an electric-type team ready for this research event. So better have Pikachu trained up if you want to have a chance to witness this legendary Pokémon when you wake up from bed. More details will be revealed leading up to the research event.

Pokémon Sleep is a mobile game that was released in July 2023, where trainers can catch Pokémon and track their sleep patterns at the same time. So far, there are only 127 Pokémon to discover in the game and a total of 499 unique sleep styles to discover. Since the release, Pokémon Sleep launched numerous holiday events, as well as launch events when it came to newly added features, like new locations.

If you want the chance to see Raikou, better be prepared as the Raikou Research event will begin at the end of March. Pokémon Sleep is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.