Magic: The Gathering showcases cards for its Assassin’s Creed collaboration

Posted on February 26, 2024

Magic: The Gathering has revealed cards for its upcoming Assassin’s Creed collaboration during this year’s MagicCon last weekend. The TCG showcased a handful of images and official card designs, featuring the world of this popular video game franchise in a trading card format.

During the preview panel in Chicago, Wizards of the Coast showcased key characters and items that played a huge role in this Ubisoft franchise to fans. Three of the game’s assassins, Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad (Assassin’s Creed, Altaïr’s Chronicles and Bloodlines, and Revelations), Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood, Revelations, Embers), and Eivor Varinsdottir (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla), as well as The Animus, a machine that’s heavily used in the game, had their official card art and abilities shown. Other main characters, such as Evie Frye from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, will also be included in the set as official art was shared. Unfortunately, their official card abilities have yet to be revealed.

Eivor, Wolf-kissed art in the collaboration between Assassin's Creed and Magic: The Gathering

It’s not just the game’s main characters that were seen during the preview panel. Two of history’s notable figures, who were also featured in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, will also be featured in this set. They are the famous artist, Leonardo Da Vinci and the Egyptian leader, Cleopatra. Not only will they have a standard card print, but collectors will also have a chance to find 1 in 500 serialised prints for each character.

Leonardo da Vinci cards as part of the Assassin's Creed and Magic: The Gathering collaboration

According to Forbes, Wizards of the Coast announced its collaboration with Assassin’s Creed back on October 4, 2022, during the Hasbro Investor Day 2022 presentation and on social mediaAssassin’s Creed is the 18th brand that partnered with this trading card game, following other titles, such as Dungeons and DragonsWarhammer 40,000Fortnite, and The Lord of the Rings, just to name a few.

Magic: The Gathering – Assassin’s Creed will be sold as a Starter Kit, Collector Boosers, regular bundles, and a brand new booster type called Beyond Boosters. At the moment, prices for these sets remain unknown. However, it is scheduled to be released on July 5 2024.