Secrets of Grindea is a 1-4p old-school Action RPG releasing after 13 years of development

Posted on February 24, 2024

Following a 13 year development cycle and nearly 9 years in Early Access, a wonderful and whimsical action RPG by the name of Secrets of Grindea has been announced to be releasing next week. The news comes accompanied with the Full Release trailer, which we’ve issued for you below.

If you’ve never heard of Secrets of Grindea (I hadn’t until this morning), let me pitch it to you. It is an old-school style action-RPG that is simultaneously a tribute and parody of SNES games. It has that grand, sweeping story with “300+ unique, colorful characters” to engage with and classic monster and boss design such as giant slimes, mechs, mimics and the like. Y’know, the classic RPG staples and the good stuff. However, it also allows for drop-in and out 1-4 player online co-op to make puzzles or fights easier, or just experience the story as a group Tri Force Heroes and Four Swords Adventures-style. Some of its puzzle design in the trailer reminded me of Crosscode, an indie game from recent years that I hold dearly.

Side content is also bountiful. Designing your own home, fishing, crafting items, taming pets, partaking in mini-games and growing plants… all the modern fixings of broad and extensive indie games. There’s even a roguelite mode to be played outside of the campaign, battling your way through its challenge with a single life and building a town as you go.

Secrets of Grindea releasees on PC on February 29. It is being developed by Swedish Studio Pixel Ferrets. Truth be told, the game looks huge and secretly really worth your time.