Ubisoft ANZ first Aus Game Jam 2024 kicks off next month

Posted on February 24, 2024

Ubisoft ANZ, Australia’s local Ubisoft branch, will soon kick off its first Game Jam for Aussie uni or TAFE students. While Ubisoft has held Game Jams internationally in the past, The Game Jam is part of the Ubisoft Australia Education Initiative, which the Game Jam’s Discord describes as a “collaborative effort between Ubisoft and numerous leading universities and TAFEs across the nation”.

To participate, you must be over 18 and enrolled in an Australian university or TAFE degree, though Ubisoft does not specify that it must be a course related to video games or media. You can sign up as a solo developer, although Ubisoft is encouraging groups of up to 6 for “enhanced creativity and collaboration”. There are three prize categories: Overall, Theme, and People’s Choice, with the winners standing to receive game codes, collector’s editions, and statues and figurines from Ubisoft’s game library. In addition, the winning games will be showcased on Ubisoft Australia’s social media platforms.

According to some investigation by Kotaku Australia, this particular Game Jam is being funded entirely by Ubisoft’s local branch without the financial backing of Ubisoft’s international game jams, which might explain why the prizes for this event don’t include internship opportunities like some international jams held by Ubisoft. Kotaku writer David Smith theorises that the Ubisoft ANZ branch is using this game jam as a pilot program that might prove to Ubisoft Global that it’s worth plugging a bit more funding into Australia’s indie scene.

The jam will take place between March 29th to April 12th 2024. The theme will soon be announced on the Game Jam Discord, so if you’re interested, keep a close eye.