Xbox ‘business event’ next week could unveil their games becoming multi-platform

Posted on February 6, 2024

It has been a busy period in the rumour mill for Xbox. For weeks the assumption was that smaller first-party titles including the incredibly well-received Hi-Fi RUSH could be coming to PlayStation and Switch. This was bolstered by a datamine of an update for the game where upcoming in-game T-shirts seemingly suggest the game’s move to these platforms. However the floodgates look to be opening, with even bigger titles reported to be making the jump.

As reported by XboxEraStarfield will also release on PlayStation 5 following the release of the already announced Shattered Space expansion. Over at The Verge, they suggest Indiana Jones and the Great Circle could arrive on PS5 ‘months’ after the Xbox launch. The reports don’t end there, VGC has corroborated with Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb that Gears of War is also in talks to receive this treatment.

With baseless rumours spreading across the industry all the time, this could normally be considered as no more than hearsay. However, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has seemingly addressed this himself, adding fuel to the fire. While his tweet is for the meantime vague, you can read it below.

What this ‘future of Xbox,’ looks like, we won’t know until next week. If true, it certainly is an interesting course correction following Xbox’s acquisition heavy focus in recent years, including the finalisation of the Activision/Blizzard deal late last year.