Among Us animated series cast list is unexpectedly star-studded

Posted on March 17, 2024

Last year, we learned that an Among Us animated series was in the works led by Infinity Train creator Owen Dennis. There’s no release window yet, but Variety has now revealed the voice cast for the colourful band of space scientists — and it’s full of stars we didn’t expect.

How they pulled Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings), Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us), Yvette Brown (Community), and Randall Park (Fresh off the Boat) to play the various crewmembers is anyone’s guess, but it’s a hopeful sign that the show isn’t just going to be some sort of cheap cash-grab attempt to piggyback off the viral 2018 hit game.

Variety also revealed a bit about the roles they’ll be playing. Randall Park will play Red, the spaceship’s captain, described as a people-pleaser and a blowhard who “fails upwards”. Ashley Johnson will play Purple, the Security Chief and resident wet blanket. Yvette Brown will play the spineless corporate shill HR manager, and Elijah Wood will play Green, the unpaid intern who’s “just happy to be there.” Exactly which one of them, and how many, may be imposters has not been revealed.

With no release date in sight nor even which streaming platform the Among Us series might come to, we probably won’t see a premiere anytime soon. We’ll keep an ear out for more news for this upcoming cartoon.