Indie 3D platformer Pseudoregalia receives a major map update

Posted on March 3, 2024

Pseudoregalia has received a major new update that includes a long-sought-after map. The game was a sleeper-hit, retro-inspired, indie 3D Metroidvania that claimed victory in a month-long Metroidvania game jam hosted on in 2023. It later released on Steam in late July 2023, causing waves within the Metroidvania and 3D platformer gaming spheres. Pseudoregalia quickly became a beloved indie title thanks to its satisfying movement in the vein of A Hat In Time, dream-like visuals and OST, and melancholic story. However, The game’s absence of a map feature caused many players to become lost in its open-ended world. This, coupled with the game’s lack of hand-holding led many to drop the game prematurely.

The solo developer of Pseudoregalia, ‘rittz’, recently released an unexpected update on Steam. This included the highly requested map feature, time trials, new outfits, and many more quality-of-life improvements. You can find the announcement here. They’ve also posted on X (formerly Twitter) with an attached video showcasing the new additions and changes.

Fans responded very positively to these changes and additions, as seen by comments on a post announcing the update from r/metroidvania on Reddit.

“You definitely need some tenacity or luck to have gotten through this game smoothly. I didn’t mind going around in circles too much but after doing it a dozen times I just looked up maps other people made. I think the experience will be more streamlined now and hopefully better for people.” – comogury_

“Picked this up after hearing it praised on the Insert Credit podcast, but the lack of a map def made me shelve it. Time to [get] back to it, cause I did find a lot to like and good 3D MVs are rare.” – creepymanchildren

rittz’s dedication to listening to audience feedback and updating Pseudoregalia will hopefully pay off! With the new update now launched, it might just be the perfect time to dive into Pseudoregalia’s captivating world.