Larian Studios are working on additional evil endings for Baldur’s Gate 3

Posted on March 26, 2024

Baldur’s Gate 3 has been heavily praised since its release. But one of its critiques amongst fans is that the evil players tend to be ignored and playing an evil campaign isn’t as rewarding compared to the hero route. Fortunately, evil players could finally reap what they’ve sowed as Larian Studios announced they’re developing “additional evil endings” before they bow down from the game for good.

In an interview with IGN, Larian Studios founder, Swen Vincke, said that he’s seen what the team has developed and that evil players will be “satisfied” with the outcome. Vincke didn’t give hints about what’s in it, other than it’s “really evil.”

“So they’re working on the evil endings right now,” Swen Vincke said. “I’ve seen some of them. They’re really evil. So the evil players will be satisfied with that.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 has won multiple awards, including Game of the Year during the 2023 Game Awards. However, it was revealed on Twitter that the people in Hasbro who were involved in the project were laid off back in late 2023. Vincke announced last week that they don’t plan on producing Baldur’s Gate 4 or releasing DLC for the current game, claiming that it’s the right move for his video game company. He understood that many fans would be upset with this news, but hoped they’ll support them with their future project. Vincke has also made it clear that neither Wizards of the Coast nor Hasbro were the cause of the company’s decision.

Hopefully, the new evil endings would be the perfect way for Larian Studios to take its final bow before moving on to its next title. Developers have worked so hard on producing satisfying endings for the game’s true ending since the game’s launch, maybe now is the time to dedicate the next update towards those who only want to see chaos in the Forgotten Realms.