Shinji Mikami establishes a new company, KAMUY

Posted on March 25, 2024

Resident Evil and God Hand director, Shinji Mikami, has reportedly established a new company called KAMUY. This move comes after Mikami’s departure from Tango Gameworks back in February of 2023. 

Throughout his career, Shinji Mikami has been instrumental in the founding of various studios. He left Capcom in 2004 to establish Clover Studios and later co-founded PlatinumGames following the closure of Clover Studios in 2007.

Shinji Mikami is featured in the Shadows of the Damned: Hella Remastered website, under the “Creators” tab. Mikami’s feature contains a short bio on him. Nearing the end of the bio blurb it states that “After leaving Tango Gameworks, he established KAMUY.” Mikami served as the Creative Producer for the original release of Shadows of the Damned in 2011 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Shinji Mikami KAMUY

Apart from the short mention in his bio, there has been no official announcement of the founding of KAMUY from Mikami himself. There is no information about what this company will entail, or what Mikami’s role is in said company. It is highly likely that this will be a game production studio, but this is not confirmed.

In an interview with Variety back in 2020, Mikami stated “I am getting old, and so it would be more of a matter of how much energy I have.” The founding of KAMUY and whatever projects come out of it may be Mikami’s last hurrah. It will be exciting to see how the company progresses, and what new things come from it.