The Game Expo is back in Melbourne this weekend

Posted on March 20, 2024

It’s hard to believe PAX Aus was almost 5 months ago, but alas that only means it’s time for another gaming event to hit Melbourne this weekend. The Game Expo is back! After its debut last year, The Game Expo is back in force at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. This isn’t just another PAX though, TGX prides itself on being a more grassroots convention that feels much more laid back in all the right ways.

With two very iconic voice actor special guests attending this year’s instalment of TGX, many will be excited to see how the convention fills out this year. Personally, if you like PAX but find the expo hall to be a little much then TGX might just be the next best thing. Despite being smaller, the convention centre allows attendees to space out and really take their time exploring what’s on offer.

The convention features playable indie game demos, a sizeable artist alley, cosplay competitions, a tabletop section as well as speedruns, tournaments and panels to enjoy. The standout at the event is the Apex Creator Showdown though, featuring over 60+ content creators battling out on the Sunday.

I was lucky enough to attend the expo last year and while It wasn’t quite what I expected, the size felt as though it was more catered to the community built around gaming rather than the flashiest new gaming content. The inclusion of an artist alley as well is brilliant, allowing gamers to collect fan art and other merchandise they can’t often find anywhere else.

If you’re interested in attending, tickets are still available for both days but be advised that the official site says they are 80% sold out! You can check out the ticket options here.