Content Warning is a new co-op horror adventure, available for free today

Posted on April 2, 2024

A new release from Landfall Studios (creators of physics-based chaos-sim Totally Accurate Battle Simulator), Content Warning launched today and is free to download from Steam for 24 hours. Tasking players with teaming up to venture into unknown depths and filming spooky content to upload to “SpookTube”, this adorable-looking multiplayer jaunt lets up to four players form a squad and roam the “Old World” in search of horrifying silliness.

Player avatars in Content Warning sport customisable ASCII designs, lending the title a charming whimsy in contrast to its horror-focused gameplay. Successfully surviving a trip to the Old World and capturing decent footage nets your squad currency to spend on emotes, gear, and medicine to patch up any damage done to your friends by the horrors below.

Screenshot from Content Warning. The player, in first-person view with a HUD showing, holds a camera up to film something horrifying.

You can download Content Warning for free today from Steam, after which it will be available for purchase.