CripsyTV and The Good Clan raise over $50k for Royal Children’s Hospital

Posted on April 9, 2024

Video game streamer CripsyTV, a past patient of Royal Children’s Hospital and a mentor for its Chronic Illness Peer Support program (ChIPS), along with the group The Good Clan, has raised over $50,000 towards the Royal Children’s Hospital in 2024 so far, including the 2024 Good Friday Appeal.

CripsyTV himself has raised $45,350 this year alone, with over $51,900 raised so far from the Good Clan, a platform for gamers, content creators, cosplayers and anyone in the pop culture world to be able to raise money for the Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday Appeal. CripsyTV has raised almost $100,000 in total since 2021.

We asked CripsyTV about his efforts, specifically how his personal experience and connection to the hospital helped him to make more of an impact. “We hear all the incredible stories provided by so many out there around the impact the Royal Childrens Hospital has,” says CripsyTV. “However there is no substitute for authenticity and to be able to share my own story, share the story of my friends and others to raise awareness of this amazing world-class hospital means I can not only share the experience but the impact it had on me.”

CripsyTV was diagnosed with a chronic medical condition at birth called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bones disease) where they break bones very, very easily. There is no cure for this condition. They mentioned that they had over 50 fractures during their childhood and teenage years, the majority of which were treated at the Royal Children’s Hospital. This included surgery, inpatient and outpatient support and more. “Without the world-class facilities, surgeons and nurses I don’t know if I would have the independence I have today.”

Programs like the Chronic Illness Peer Support program (ChIPS) are crucial for people going through treatment, or trying to understand their diagnosis. “The ChIPS program and programs like it provide a safe space for those who may be newly diagnosed or been suffering with medical conditions,” says CripsyTV. “Not only did I feel empowered to share my story but also hear the story of others and know that I wasn’t alone in my experiences.”

“Although my own diagnosis was clear and easy to understand when the challenges arose the support provided by my peers was invaluable to helping me become the person I am today and helped me become the independent adult I am today.”

If you want to get on board with The Good Clan and The Good Friday Appeal next year, head here for more information.