Dwarves of Runenberg DLC coming for The Last Spell this month

Posted on April 14, 2024

One of 2023’s hidden gems is getting its first DLC on April 24th. The Last Spell developed by Ishtar Games is a tactical fantasy RPG roguelike where the objective is to protect the mages who are channelling their energy to cast The Last Spell and banish magic forever, in the hope of stopping the zombie onslaught caused by magic nukes.

The DLC Dwarves of Runenberg will bring a new map, complete with new features such as Runestones, giving the player a new way to inflict damage on the zombies without hurting the heroes, and Dwarves Statues, two will spawn close to the haven, the other two further away. Ishtar Games has left it for the players to find out themselves as to what they do. Speaking of Dwarves, the Dwarves are coming, the first new race with unique features. They have more health regen and block but have fewer movement points.

The Dwarves bring with them new weapons such as a war shield for tanking and dealing retaliation damage, a cannon that can overheat, and a gauntlet that starts as a melee weapon but can morph into a ranged one. The dwarves are also going to have their unique perk tree and the ability to be thrown by the human heroes in a cheeky nod to The Lord of the Rings.

New trinkets are coming that allow the hero to equip both new (stone medals) and old (old medals) perks and the ability to choose your starting weapons for your heroes which is coming for free, alongside the old medals only, when the DLC releases.

The base game is rated 91% positive on Steam (at the time of writing) from over 9,500 reviews. Dwarves of Runenberg is set to launch on Steam April 24, 2024.