Minishoot’ Adventures is out now and it’s a miniaturised blast

Posted on April 4, 2024

Pew Pew! Minishoot’ Adventures is out now! Fly and blast your way through this top-down exploration game with ease as you venture into caves, fighting gnarly bosses along the way. Taking control of a teenie tiny ship to go up against all manner of robots and creatures is what it’s all about. I’m especially into the art style that feels very tidy and easy to explore as you move around the island.

Known for Swords & Souls: Neverseen – a turn-based  RPG that focuses on character stat training, the folks at SoulGame Studio have certainly made a pivot with this one. Minishoot’ Adventures feels much more different and more dependent on the player’s skill level. Its twin-stick nature is certainly an ambidextrous delight if you’re looking for something that rewards skill. As you unlock other abilities for the shuttle and find keys, it’s interesting how the world opens up into new areas. The game’s map feels large enough to sustain a significant amount of play.

Early on, I have to admit the game can feel pretty unforgiving, as is the way with many Metroidvania games. While it’s not necessarily the worst thing, be warned that you’ll find yourself dead a lot early on before you get some ship upgrades under your belt. Of the bosses I encountered, I did find that they took a few goes mainly due to the ship feeling somewhat disadvantaged.

Minishoot’ Adventures’s saving grace is some very neat accessibility features including a setting that allows the player’s ship to auto-shoot nearby enemies. This allows players to focus on steering the ship through enemy groups and stray bullets. That bullet hell element to the game can become quite tedious but it’s masterable if you stick with it. Players are also able to earn a varying collection of guns separate from the first blaster that have other firing patterns, adding to the variability and the fun.

You can find Minishoot’ Adventures on Steam now.