Nintendo Indie World Showcase gave us a look to look forward to

Posted on April 18, 2024

Overnight, Nintendo graced us with another Nintendo Indie World Showcase, and it gave us a look at some awesome upcoming indie games that has us super excited.

The big announcement of the Showcase revealed that SteamWorld Heist II, the latest entry in Thunderful’s popular SteamWorld franchise, will be launching for Switch on August 8. It’s a turn-based tactical shooter that will “see players lead a ragtag crew of Steambots across the Great Sea, exploring vast horizons as they seek to combat an enigmatic menace threatening the world.” The SteamWorld series has become a bit of a stand-out over the years, so we’re keen to check this one out.

We also saw some other unique games, including…

  • Little Kitty, Big City, “a whimsical adventure that puts players in control of a curious little kitty trying to find its way home”, launching for Switch on May 10
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splintered Fate, “a roguelike adventure where the bodacious Turtles travel through reality-bending portals to rescue their kidnapped master”, coming this July
  • Sticky Business, “a cosy business simulation allowing players to design and sell their own stickers, available now, along with its Plan With Me paid DLC
  • Cat Quest III, “the latest instalment in the adorable action-RPG series, which invites players to set sail across the Purribean in search of a mythical treasure” releasing on August 8
  • Europa, “a 3D action-adventure in which players will explore the ruins of a fallen utopia and learn the story of the last human being alive”, launching in 2024.

You can watch the full 20-minute showcase here, but we’ve also called out some favourites below.

Lorelai and the Laser Eyes looks just incredible, and that’s no surprise at all considering these are the developers that brought us Sayonara Wild Hearts, among others. It’s a non-linear puzzle game about a woman, summoned to participate in a project in an old hotel somewhere in central Europe, who becomes embroiled in a game of increasingly nightmarish and surreal illusions. It’s said to have over 100 handcrafted puzzles with different mechanics and perspectives, and it’s coming on May 17, so we’re pretty darn hyped.

Okay, I know we mentioned Little Kitty, Big City above, but on closer inspection, this cute cat game looks kind of like Untitled Goose Game on kitty steroids. You can explore a big city, play as only cats can, chat with birds, and cause absolute annoying chaos when it comes to the humans that are around. You can also wear over 40 hats while causing a ruckus in this open world. It’s coming May 10, and we’re sharpening our claws in anticipation.

One more to call out for now. What do you get when you cross Jusant with Frog Detective, A Short Hike and The Climb? Well, chuck ’em in a blender and you’d likely get Valley Peaks, a first-person climbing adventure where you play as a frog. Set in a pastel mountain range and full of villagers to chat with, you take on cost side quests and kick back with minigames. It looks adorable.

I mean, we could highlight all the games from the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, to be honest… there are some cool games on the way! What were your standouts?