Telltale Games releases new screenshots of The Wolf Among Us 2

Posted on April 22, 2024

Telltale Games has unveiled new screenshots for the long awaited sequel, The Wolf Among Us 2, signaling steady progress in its development despite past hurdles. The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley recently tweeted these images, showcasing the game’s signature graphic novel-style artwork. The screenshots feature Bigby Wolf, the protagonist, as he navigates the mystical and shadowy environment of Fabletown, including a detailed look at a crime scene investigation.

First announced in 2017, the project encountered significant obstacles when Telltale abruptly shut down in 2018. A revival of the studio under new management in 2019 revived hopes for the sequel. The journey to its release has included numerous challenges, including a transition to the Unreal Engine 5 to improve visual and mechanical elements of the game.

In response to a series of layoffs in 2023, Telltale quickly reassured its audience that all its projects, including The Wolf Among Us 2, were still active. This update was crucial in dispelling fears about the game’s cancellation and highlighted the studio’s commitment to completing its projects.

Telltale’s recent posts on community forums emphasize that the team has been diligently focusing on the sequel, although they have yet to announce a new release date, projecting a potential launch in 2024. The studio has promised that Bigby and the Fabletown ensemble will make a return, much to the excitement of fans.

While more comprehensive updates are pending, these new screenshots serve as a teaser of the intriguing, fairy tale-inspired world that captivated audiences with the original game in 2013. With these updates, Telltale reaffirms its commitment to delivering a rich, engaging narrative and immersive gameplay.