You can visit a real Fallout Vault in Sydney today

Posted on April 11, 2024

With Fallout on everybody’s mind as the new TV series launches today on Prime Video, you can visit a real-life Fallout vault today in Sydney.

Vault 33 is “an innovative solution to housing undersupply in Australia. Sitting directly under the foundations of Sydney’s CBD, the futuristic property showcases the infinite lifestyle possibilities of digging down rather than up and out”, according to the press release.

“Combatting the limitations of urban sprawl and vertical development, “Vault 33” unearths the potential of prime underground real estate for dwellers. It boasts wildly imaginative interiors, exclusive access to cutting edge Triple-S Technology – Safety, Survivability and Sanitation.”

Prime Video has gone a step further by having Gavin Rubinstein of TRG and reality show Luxe Listings Sydney present the vault, which is said to present “a radical new solution for people seeking dwellings within Australia’s tightly held property market.” Too close to home for us millennials and Gen-Zs, perhaps?

“Welcome home. This is the future of living in Australia – “Vault 33”. After touring these intimate living and dining spaces, you’ll wonder why you ever wanted to live above-ground. In a property market defined by scarcity, “Vault 33” presents the perfect, long-term and sustainable solution,” said Rubinstein.

Fallout Vault

In our review of the Fallout TV series, we said: “Pleasantly, the show absolutely does justice to the famous brand, using the new medium to tell an engaging (if occasionally derivative) story and explore new aspects of the setting that the games never could. While the series definitely benefits from an existing investment in the games’ lore and setting, it never relies on it, and makes for an enjoyably intense, funny and occasionally very gory romp through Fallout’s wastelands that should appeal to newcomers and fans alike.”

The Fallout Vault property will be open for inspection by the public from 12pm to 5pm today – Thursday 11th April, 2024. If you’re keen to check it out, register your interest here.