Astro Bot is coming to save gaming this September

Posted on May 31, 2024

Fresh off the PlayStation State of Play, we had a barrage of new game announcements. Closing out the show was an announcement for a new game from the little robot mascot that could. Yes, Astro Bot is returning this September in a fully-fledged game. Ditching all the quirky taglines and simply being called Astro Botthe new adventure provides dozens of exciting new worlds to visit to get into some good old-fashioned platforming shenanigans.

Beach biomes, a construction site in the sky and a casino are just some of the world glimpses we’re treated to. PlayStation references are aplenty, with sightings of properties such as Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, PaRappa the Rapper, God of War and Uncharted to name a few. This time, it looks like they’ll be more heavily involved than they were in predecessor PS5 pack-in game Astro’s Playroom. My hope? You’re travelling to different worlds from these properties and aiding some beloved previous PlayStation protagonists.

Astro Bot releases on PS5 on September 6. The hype is very real.