Concord is the next PVP hero shooter coming out later this year

Posted on May 31, 2024

Look mum, a new PVP FPS game just got revealed! Groundbreaking, right? Well, hold on. Concord might not even be out on the streets yet but I think given the industry’s current hyper fixation on live service cash cow games we’d at least better kick the tires on this one – get a look at the reveal cinematic below!

Coming from Firewalk Studios, Concord is an FPS shooter that pits teams of five against each other. Despite the fancy setting and aesthetics, it’s really just a new coat of paint on an old machine. Where this game has the opportunity to take the market over is how it engages players and pushes outside the frame we’ve seen so many times. Having a cool setting isn’t enough. How will Concord keep its player base after the new PVP hype wears off?

While already garnering comparisons to other hero-shooter genre mainstays such as Overwatch, Valorant and Apex Legends, what has really caught my eye is the game’s continued narrative through cinematics, delivered to players regularly when they log into the game. Many will remember that Overwatch would post new animated videos, revealing character details though that’s a thing of the past sadly. Part of me is really hopeful this game nourishes its narrative and allows players to fully connect to this world past repetitive 5v5 combat. I do worry if they fall short, likely, Concord might not last long before it’s grounded. It’s a competitive market!

Get a look at Concord’s gameplay below and see how it stacks up to other PVP shooters.

I’m cautiously hopeful on this one given the eclectic cast of characters. I’ll also say that initially, the game’s setting was quite envigorating under the pretense of a narrative single-player game but knowing this game will be focused in PVP arenas feels like a loss. Maybe if Concord finds its feet in the market, we might see the game build itself out into other genres.

Concord is coming to PS5 & PC on August 23