Dynasty Warriors: Origins hacks and slashes to release in 2025

Posted on May 31, 2024

Omega Force is back for a fresh start, new logo, and all, and returning to their roots in the 1 vs 1000 action we all know and love since the second entry in the series (the first Dynasty Warriors was a fighting game) with Dynasty Warriors: Origins.

The trailer was revealed as part of the PlayStation State of Play this morning. Check it out.

For the first time in the series, a nameless hero takes center stage as you play through the vast land of China and the historical tales and timeless soldiers and generals that come with it. At the same time, taking advantage of the current-gen hardware to give the player a sense of scale, being pushed by armies as far as the eye can see, forcing the player to use their own power and coordinate with their allied armies. The team says this will deliver the most thrilling warfare and sense of exhilaration that comes with overcoming the odds on a grand new scale.

More information on the game will be revealed before Dynasty Warriors: Origins releases on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2025.