Hades II Early Access has arrived, already boasting more content than original

Posted on May 7, 2024

Rejoice, Supergiant fans and queer people. Hades II, the anticipated sequel to the beloved 2020 game has shadow dropped.

Available now in Early Access, the roguelike follow-up (at least according to IGN’s review) already boasts more content than the original game even in its incomplete state. Considering how stacked the predecessor was, to reach that feat in only the first two biomes alone… it’s incredible.

Hades II doesn’t follow bisexual king Zagreus. While continuing from the original events, the game follows an immortal princess of the Underworld. Familiar and fresh Greek God faces are expected on your journey, having that rich dialogue and oh-so-good lore the studio is known for as you acquaint yourself with some good old-fashioned Greek Mythology. Of course, punchy combat and challenging roguelike goodness are also expected.

Hades II is available now on Steam for $43.95. Its first major update is expected ‘later this year’ and the early access period is expected to last at least til the end of 2024. The road for the 2025(?) game of the year begins now.