Majora’s Mask now playable natively on PC using groundbreaking modding tool

Posted on May 23, 2024

An unofficial native PC version of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is now available, thanks to a groundbreaking modding tool that simplifies the process of porting Nintendo 64 games.

Developer Mr-Wiseguy has introduced N64Recomp on GitHub, a tool that statically recompiles N64 games into native PC executables. This is achieved by translating the game’s code into C and utilising Direct3D12 or Vulkan to handle the visuals. With N64Recomp, users can port any N64 game to PC.

Mr-Wiseguy’s first port is Majora’s Mask, which can be accessed through a launcher named Zelda64Recomp. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is slated to be added to this launcher in the near future. As a native PC port, this version of Majora’s Mask includes several enhancements: controller support, input-mapping, autosaving, widescreen compatibility, and gyro-aiming. Future updates for Zelda 64: Recompiled promise additional features like ray tracing, mod support, dual analog controls, and camera controls, alongside the integration of Ocarina of Time.

While emulators have allowed us to play Nintendo 64 games on PC for over 25 years, they often fail to fully utilise modern hardware and can introduce glitches. Direct ports via “decompilation” offer a superior experience but are traditionally very labour-intensive. Mr Wiseguy’s static recompilation tool significantly streamlines this process, making it far more efficient.

However, unofficial ports come with legal risks. Nintendo, known for its strict protection of intellectual property, recently issued a takedown request to GitHub for over 8,500 copies of the Switch emulator Yuzu in May 2024. Despite these risks, Mr-Wiseguy’s work represents a significant advancement for gamers looking to enjoy classic titles with modern enhancements and a testament to video game preservation.