An enticing kart racer is in the works starring indie game mascots

Posted on June 13, 2024

We’ve had platform fighter games starring indie game mascots emerge over the years. We’ve even had Undertale’s Sans arrive in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate via a spirit. Now, we have what looks to be the first kart racer that stars some of our favourite characters from indie games of the last few years.

Currently in development by solo dev Zoroarts, the project is untitled but already has some big names behind it. See the announcement of the addition of Kril, the crustacean hero from the recent Aggro Crab Soulslike Another Crab’s Treasure below.

Despite only being 3 weeks old, there’s already quite the cast. The protagonist from Frogun, the chick from Paper Klay, the adorable mushroom Smushi from Smushi Come Home, an original character from experimental game developer Youtuber Mix and Jam… the list goes on.  As a cute little touch, ZoroArts has added the hero from their 2023 debut game, Makis Adventure. 

Zoroarts has admitted on X/Twitter that the game’s full release is still some ways away. After all, they are only on week three and are a solo team. Games take time. In the meantime, you’re after the kart-racer fixing inspired by other IP, might we interest you in definitely not Bloodborne Kart?