Dead by Daylight reveals Lara Croft as new survivor

Posted on June 26, 2024

After hinting at the Year 8 Anniversary broadcast, Dead by Daylight has revealed the game’s next survivor and it’s none other than Lara Croft! The legendary Tomb Raider protagonist will be entering the fog.

During the stream, the spotlight was on the Vecna and Castlevania collaborations, but there was a subtle hint at a new survivor joining the game’s iconic roster. Described as “a character who truly embodies the meaning of Survivor,” Lara Croft certainly fits that description!

Based on her depiction in the latest Tomb Raider games, we’ve witnessed Lara endure horrors and live to raid again. A venture into the Entity’s realm seems like just another adventure for her. Lara comes with her own set of unique voice lines, and we also got a first look at her exclusive perks!

New Perk: Finesse

  • This perk activates while you are healthy. Your fast vaults are 20% faster. This perk goes on cooldown for 40/35/30 seconds after performing a fast vault.

New Perk: Hardened

  • After you unlock a chest and cleanse or bless a totem, this perk activates. Anytime you would scream, reveal the Killer’s aura for 3/4/5 seconds instead.

New Perk: Specialist

  • Each time you open or rummage through a chest, gain 1 token, up to 3/3/3. When you do a great skill check on a generator, consume all tokens. Then for each token consumed, reduce the maximum required generator progress by 2/3/4.

Lara Croft in Dead by Daylight

Seeing such a legendary gaming icon making their debut in a game that’s now in its eighth year is incredible. Croft is currently playable in the game PTB and will be available to all players soon on July 16 as part of the Tomb Raider Chapter release.