Donkey Kong Country Returns HD swings onto Nintendo Switch

Posted on June 19, 2024

In a nostalgic treat for fans, Nintendo has announced Donkey Kong Country Returns HD during the June 2024 Nintendo Direct event. The beloved 2D platformer, originally released for the Wii in 2010, is making a visually enhanced return to the Nintendo Switch. Set for release 16 January 2025.

Donkey Kong Country Returns HD invites players to join Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong on a quest to reclaim their stolen banana hoard from the nefarious Tiki Tak Tribe. This adventure takes players through 80 levels across nine diverse worlds, all while stomping on enemies, blasting through barrels, and navigating through rockets or mine carts. Fans will also be delighted to know that Rambi the Rhino makes his return.

The original Donkey Kong Country Returns was a critical and commercial success, praised for its challenging gameplay, nostalgic elements, and engaging level design. It was later ported to the Nintendo 3DS in 2013, where it received additional levels and features. The new HD version for the Switch not only includes these extra levels but also offers a visually enhanced experience.

The game supports two-player local co-op, allowing friends to team up and tackle the adventure together. Each character has unique abilities: Diddy can use his Peanut Popgun and hover with his Barrel Jet, while Donkey Kong can Ground Pound and Barrel Roll through enemies.

Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong Country Returns HD on the Switch

Donkey Kong Country Returns HD promises to be a delightful mix of nostalgia and innovation, providing both longtime fans and new players with a fresh yet familiar experience. With its release, the Nintendo Switch continues to expand its library of timeless classics.

Get ready to swing back into action and reclaim those bananas when Donkey Kong Country Returns HD launches on the Nintendo Switch on 16 January 2025.