Dune: Awakening reveals story trailer at Summer Game Fest 2024

Posted on June 9, 2024

Funcom has excited fans with a new story-centric trailer for Dune: Awakening during Summer Game Fest 2024, the highly anticipated survival MMO set in the expansive universe of Frank Herbert’s iconic science fiction saga. The trailer provided an intriguing glimpse into a universe devoid of Paul Atreides, setting the stage for an epic adventure on the desert planet of Arrakis.

The latest trailer delves deep into the lore, presenting a narrative where Paul Atreides, the central figure of the original Dune series, is absent. This bold storytelling choice opens up new avenues for exploration and conflict, inviting players to carve out their destinies in a world filled with political intrigue, survival challenges, and ancient mysteries.

From what we already know about the upcoming MMO, spice remains a crucial element in Dune: Awakening. As players traverse the deserts of Arrakis, they can harvest spice to sell on the exchange or consume for personal enhancements, at the risk of addiction. This mechanic not only adds depth to the gameplay but also ties the game’s economy and character progression to the mythos of the Dune universe.

Drawing parallels to Funcom’s previous survival game Conan: Exiles, Dune: Awakening emphasises the struggle to endure in a hostile environment. Players will need to secure and conserve vital resources, particularly water, and find or construct shelters to protect against the planet’s severe weather conditions. You can sign up for beta access now via the game website.

As the game progresses towards its release, fans can look forward to more updates and insights into the rich world Funcom is crafting.