Lead an army of monsters in Farmagia this November

Posted on June 23, 2024

Growing crops that turn into monsters sounds strange, but it’s the gameplay premise of Farmagia. As shown in the recent Nintendo Direct, an evil overlord has taken control of the lands you live in and you must fight to get them back. But you are grossly underpowered and must raise an army of monsters to stand a chance. After creating monsters through farming, you create a miniature army and train them against the evils around you. Team up with allies you meet and combine your monster armies to create powerful beings that overcome difficult obstacles.

The world of Felicidad is illustrated by Hiro Mashima, mangaka of works such as Rave Master, Fairy Tail, and Edens Zero. Fans of the series will notice the artwork when it comes to the unique monsters and the character designs. Despite the action-packed monster fights, you are still commanding an army and must know how to deal with battles. You aren’t carelessly bringing out the big guns, but deciding when and where to unleash your monsters’ might.

Farmagia is coming out on the Switch on November 2nd, 2024.