Life is Strange: Double Exposure gameplay reveal delves into the inciting incident

Posted on June 14, 2024

Officially revealed earlier this week at the 2024 Xbox Games Showcase, Life is Strange: Double Exposure has excited many. Not only is it the next mainline entry, but sees the return of the original protagonist Max Caulfield. Now, fresh out of a new gameplay look, courtesy of Square Enix, we have a bit more of an idea of what to expect. Namely, we’re more privy to the inciting incident that kicks off Max’s new adventure.

We’re reintroduced to Max Caulfield, still doing photography but now in university. It’s late at night and she’s stargazing with her two new friends Safi and Murphy. Spending time with the pair, she chats and even stage pictures, engaging in a quasi-photo mode. We’ve had hints of this type of thing in the past, but I hope this is Deck Nine going all in, letting us get into the creative mindset of Max.

Shortly later this wraps up and Max is on her way, walking across the campus. In true Life is Strange fashion, a light-hearted indie rock song plays in the background as our hero wanders. It’s mid-winter and the campus is drenched in snow. Max sees an owl—an omen of what’s to come. Travelling off the beaten path she overhears someone on the phone. It’s Safi, chatting to someone on the phone. Curious, she follows the voice. Then she hears a gunshot. Rushing ahead, she finds Safi, lying dead in the snow. The culprit is nowhere to be seen.

Thus far, that’s all we know of Life is Strange Double Exposure. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out. The game releases on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 & 5 and PC on October 15 2024, with a Nintendo Switch release date to follow. Rest assured, this is one mystery we’re eager to solve.