Mario & Luigi: Brothership sets sail for November 2024

Posted on June 19, 2024

June 2024’s Nintendo Direct event brought thrilling news for Super Mario Bros. fans. Mario & Luigi: Brothership is set to release on the Nintendo Switch on 7 November 2024. This new single-player adventure has a vibrant and unique art style, taking us on an exciting island-hopping journey.

Mario & Luigi: Brothership introduces players to Shipshape Island, a fascinating blend of ship and island. Serving as the launch point for their adventures, the brothers explore the expansive world of Concordia. This game features levels ranging from lush tropical rainforests to bustling urban landscapes. We will meet a variety of new characters, such as Connie and the not-so-pig-like Snoutlet, as well as familiar faces from the Mushroom Kingdom, including Princess Peach and Bowser.

The core gameplay of Mario & Luigi: Brothership revolves around their strong bond. Players will need to utilise Bros. Moves to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles throughout their journey. These cooperative moves are essential for navigating the varied terrain of Concordia and ensuring progress in the game. In addition, the game features a dynamic twist on turn-based combat, where players can unleash powerful Bros. Attacks, combining the unique abilities of Mario and Luigi to defeat enemies and bosses. We will be able to launch the brothers out of the island’s cannon to explore new areas and embark on quests.

Mario and Luigi looking up at colourful shapes

Mario & Luigi: Brothership is shaping up to be a standout title for the Nintendo Switch, combining classic elements of the series with new features. The game’s focus on exploration, character interactions, and the unique bond between Mario and Luigi promises a fun experience.

Mark your calendars for 7 November 2024, as Mario & Luigi: Brothership prepares to set sail.