Microsoft announces 3 new Xbox console releases

Posted on June 11, 2024

As part of the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, Microsoft has announced three new Xbox console releases—two editions of the Series X and one edition of the Series S. Slated to release at the end of this year, the three new editions will provide more options to gamers looking to upgrade or nab their first Xbox Series console.

The first cab off the rank is the 1TB, digital-only Robot White edition of the Xbox Series S. This means that you can now get double the storage of the base Series S in either Carbon Black or Robot White. With its signature sleek and modern feel, this new Series S will be an attractive option for those who want more storage without the extra power (and cost) of the Series X lineup.

There’s also an all-new 1TB, digital-only Robot White edition of the Xbox Series X as well. This is the first time that this colour option has been available for the Series X. So if you ever looked at the Series X and wished it was a white cube instead of a black cube, now’s your chance. It seems a strange choice to make the Robot White version only available with 1TB of storage, including a 2TB option, especially for a digital-only version. Perhaps we will see a 2TB option some time in the future, but for now nothing has been announced.

Finally, there’s the new Galaxy Black special edition of the Xbox Series X, with a 2TB SSD and new unique design. Microsoft says they’ve taken inspiration from “constellations and the spirit of exploration and adventure that outer space evokes” for this design, which features a silver, grey and green speckled effect. Microsoft claims this is “representing thousands of games and millions of gamers playing on Xbox”, so if that floats your boat, this is well worth a look.

The xbox series x galaxy black special edition console and controller

The Galaxy Black special edition also features a unique wireless controller that will only be sold with the console – but unfortunately, the galaxy effect is only applied to the D-pad. Still, it’s a fun new look for the console, and if you like it then we’d recommend jumping on the preorders when they open. Microsoft has said that this special edition will only be available “in limited quantities in select markets” – fingers crossed that Australia is included!