POOOOL uses physics to create the largest ball possible

Posted on June 11, 2024

When you play a game of pool, your goal is to knock the correct ball into one of the sockets. But with POOOOL, your goal is to create large balls with every ball you add. As shown in 2024’s Wholesome Direct, each ball is launched as if you were hitting it with a pool cue. Your strength and angle determine where the ball ends up. After that, your goal is to create the largest ball size possible, with the sizes shown based on the colour grid in the bottom-left. The larger the balls you create, the higher your score. But as size increases, the area you have to work with shrinks. It’s a test of accuracy and skill as you aim for the highest score possible.

The premise of the game is simple but it quickly becomes a complex activity. Games can take just a few minutes but you can have endless fun trying to beat your score. Share your score and compare it with your friends, along with any interesting ball placements. You can also customise the background and ball faces that appear when balls grow larger. Last as long as possible before you run out of moves, and think about how you can use physics to your advantage.

Pick up a game of POOOOL here.