Slitterhead unveils terrifying new trailer and release date

Posted on June 9, 2024

At Summer Game Fest 2024, horror fans were given a spine-chilling treat with the reveal of a new trailer for Slitterhead, the highly anticipated game from the minds behind Silent Hill and Siren. The game, which promises to push the boundaries of horror, also announced its release date of 8 November 2024.

The latest trailer provides a glimpse into the horrifying and surreal gameplay of Slitterhead.We get a closer look at the world itself, terrifying enemies, and third-person combat mechanics. The trailer highlights the game’s dark and twisted nature, hinting at a story that will be as odd as you’d expect from the developers behind this game.

Slitterhead is developed by Bokeh Game Studio, a team comprised of legendary video game developer Keiichiro Toyama, who last worked on the Gravity Rush series, and composer Akira Yamaoka, known for the soundtracks of The Medium, Dead by Daylight, and — of course — Silent Hill and the film Silent Hill: Revelation. Their expertise in crafting psychological horror is clear, from the hauntingly detailed environments to the unsettling character designs.

Fans eager to dive into the nightmarish world of Slitterhead won’t have to wait much longer. The game is set to launch on 8 November 2024, just following the Halloween season. For more information on Slitterhead, visit the Bokeh Game Studio website.