Tenjutsu is a martial arts roguelike from the Dead Cells designer

Posted on June 8, 2024

Sometimes a game needs a simple hook to reel players in. Tenjutsu, freshly announced along with other titles at the Devolver Direct is just that. A martial arts roguelike that sees you crossing a sprawling city as you control a Yakuza hellbent on toppling four ruling crime syndicates. Oh yeah, and it has stunning pixel art and is developed by Sébastien Benard, Dead Cells designer. Is that enough for you? 

The announcement trailer features anime animation interspersed with the 2D isometric action gameplay you’re getting in the thick of. Rest assured, Tenjutsu looks bloody cool. Have a glimpse yourself below.

More information in the press release lets us in on the fact that the world of Tenjutsu is shifting and changing. Any of the four crime syndicates can be tackled in any order. Where you invest your money in upgrades and shops will change how you play, aiding your blow-exchanging journey. Just don’t take too long: the longer you idle about the more powerful your enemies become.

Tenjustsu does not yet have a release date but is slated for release on consoles and PC. Keep an eye on this one roguelike lovers.