Everything you need to know about XDefiant Season 1

Posted on July 5, 2024

After an electrifying preseason, XDefiant is charging into its first season with unstoppable momentum. The GSK faction has arrived, bringing with it a new battle pass, three new maps, innovative game modes, and the highly anticipated ranked play. Check out this trailer for XDefiant Season 1 to see all the action!

I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I was able to get the hang of the game in the preseason. The mix of fast respawns and unique abilities allow players to dive right into the fray. Unlike genre megalodon Call Of Duty, XDefiant shifts the focus away from killstreak-based abilities. When we previewed the game over a year ago, we noted how the game focuses on a “classic fast-paced FPS experience,” which still rings true. The gameplay caters to casual players and shooter veterans with ease thanks to its faction system.

Each faction includes an activated ability that players can use more frequently, along with a throwable and a passive trait. Players then earn their faction’s ultra ability as they get kills, assists, and score points. This ultra ability won’t lose any charge if you are killed either. In tight spots, players can also change factions or loadouts before respawning in case they need to counter the enemy team. While skill is still important, the game is less unforgiving than other titles in the genre.

With the preseason over, XDefiant Season 1 is already making strides. Ranked play has officially begun, giving players access to more challenging skill-based matchmaking. Player ranks are affected by wins and losses, with individual performance also being considered. At the end of each season, players will earn unique rewards based on their rank.

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Season 1 welcomes the GSK faction to the XDefiant roster. Hailing from Rainbow Six, the GSK features helmets, making them immune to instant-kill headshots. Their ability kit emphasizes area control, giving players the choice of an Active Defense System (ADS) or Shock Wire as their activated ability. The faction ultra allows you to take cover behind a G52 Tactical Shield that can even blind enemies! Players can either purchase the new faction outright or earn them with XP.

Throughout the season, new maps will be releasing, with the first one ready to play right now. Clubhouse, a beloved location from Rainbow Six Siege (RSS) and one of its first maps, marking it as the perfect way to welcome the GSK. Season 1 will also feature the release of other maps such as Daytona, another RSS map, and Rockefeller, which is an original XDefiant map.

After introducing Team Deathmatch in the previous season, Capture the Flag becomes the first new mode added this season. Later, we’ll also be receiving Bomb – a mode where players will have one life and must attempt to plant a bomb, while the other team works to prevent it. Once added there will be eight game modes in total.

It also wouldn’t be a live-service game if there wasn’t a Battle Pass to froth over now, would it? XDefiant Season 1 features a 90-tier battle pass, allowing players to earn exclusive character skins, emojis, player animations, player cards, weapon skins and XP boosters. The pass retails for $14.95 AUD or 1000 XCoins which is XDefiant’s in-game currency. Players have until late September to complete the XDefiant Battle Pass.

XDefiant Year 1 Roadmap

According to the XDefiant roadmap, we’ll be seeing a new faction along with three new weapons, three new maps, and a new 90-tier Battle Pass each season. Given Ubisoft’s impressive IP catalogue, it’s exciting to imagine what’s coming next. The potential for new factions and iconic locations to become maps is vast!

You can download and play XDefiant for free on PlayStation, Xbox and PC now.