Checkpoint still needs JOY

Posted on May 16, 2017

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This week on the show, it’s our special RADIOTHON episode! Join Luke and entire party of Checkpointers, including Elliot, Viv, Jakob, Rachel, Jimmy and Ronnie, as they talk about the issues that really matter in the video game industry when it comes to support of the LGBT community! Luke enlightens the gang on some unfortunate facts about LGBT representation in video games, and the crew discuss their thoughts around these issues, ultimately highlighting how WE STILL NEED JOY. Also, the news of the week brings some excitement for fans of Overwatch (millions of people) and Thief (tens of people), while Elliot has been checking a range of inanimate objects just in case they are evil aliens in his review of Prey! Not to be outdone, Luke laces up his boots and demands for a 50 meter penalty in his verdict on AFL Evolution! Don’t miss all the fun in this special Radiothon episode.

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